House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network

Why Strategies?

Understanding Strategies

   In introducing various strategies, it is important that we understand in the beginning, that strategy implementation is not haphazard or a do it any kind of way system; rather the implementation of strategies must be strategic.  Understanding what strategy to use, to whom to use that strategy with, as well as the timing, and preparation for the strategy and its results are essential and necessary success.  Armies use strategies to obtain victory over their enemies, and we, the Church of the Living God are His earthly army.  Churches are a territorial branch of God’s Army, but those who don’t employ strategies, usually experience little, if any victories.  Strategies vary, and can involve everything from prayer, to evangelism, to deliverance, as well as specialty strategies that target and impact specific kinds of people.  Having exposure to various strategies, and knowing what strategy to use for the constituency that God has called your Church to, is critical for each Pastor and Church who desires to cause their territory to have divine breakthrough.  The duties of a Pastor are many, often causing limitations regarding the time necessary to develop effective strategies that will cause Church growth.  God is never short sighted or caught off guard regarding the need of His Pastors and Churches, thus He calls and equips some and sends them to His Pastors and Churches with the strategies necessary for victory. 


     When trying to get people to come to your Church, you must put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself, “Why do I need to go to that Church, and what do they have that I need or want?”  Most cities have many Churches, so what would make people who need the Lord, pass by other Churches to come to yours?  The answer is “God Ordained Strategies that specifically target their issues, needs, desires, and things that are relative to them.”  God has given me different strategies that target and are relevant to different people, causing them to come into the Church that offers that strategy.  It is important that you know that wherever people are (both physically and mentally) God has a strategy to reach them, and bring them to Him.  One of the key reasons that many Churches don’t grow is due to a lack of strategies that would impact and draw their community or city to Jesus Christ through the doorway of their Church.

House of David Five Fold and Ministries Network seeks to help you understand

1. How Strategy Based Church Growth Works - Including choosing strategies that specifically compliment your and the gift, talents and abilities of those in your church


 2. How to Target your specific Audience or Constituency - Including identifying and understanding who your audience or constituency is

3. Understanding the Seasons of Strategies - The season of a strategy is not just hosting a Christmas play or toy drive before Christmas or feeding the less fortunate on Thanksgiving but knowing what God is saying in a certain time on how to reach souls for Christ

4. Strategies Must be Chosen Based on the Pastors and the Churches Unique Purpose - Just because you see someone else use a strategy that is very effective for them, does not mean the same will be true for you. Learn how to find and understand those things specific to you and your ministry.

 5. For strategies to succeed, they must be employed regularly - Learn how to decide how regularly your ministry should employ a strategy, how often to use a strategy repeatedly if at all and how to budget for each strategy to be most effective.

 6. When Strategies Are A Waste of Time - Learn how to do pre and post strategy evaluation and preparation as well as maintaining and implementing necessary changes along the way


7. Are Strategies Worth the Money that We Spend to Attain and Employ Them? - When implementing any strategy, we must understand the Biblical Principle of sowing and reaping. Learn what this is and how it works.